Order Processing & Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions related to your orders.


A. Order Processing


  • Can I change or edit an order? 

    Order cancelation or modification is accepted within 24 hours since order placement. However, we do NOT accept cancellation during the sale season (October-December) or any promotion.

    After 24 hours of order placement, orders are sent to vendors where all processes become automated and no further changes can be made.

    * Please note that we are not liable for any mistakes during the order placement process. Please check your order carefully before check out.

  • How long is the production time for my order?

    The production time might differ among different product lines. 99% of orders leave the warehouse within 1- 3 business days of payment.

    B. Shipping


  • How long will I receive my order?

    The delivery time is different depending on different products. Expect 10- 14 days for US delivery.

  • *Please be noted that delivery time might differ due to high demand or unseen events such as COVID-19 or lockdown.

  • The tracking system shows no updated progress for too long.

    In case the tracking has not been updated for more than 2 weeks, please contact our customer support agents via email: We will swiftly contact the Supplier to inquire about the order. We will be willing to issue a refund or reship the item to you if the item is lost by post. 


  • The tracking system shows that the package was delivered to its destination, but I did not receive the package.

    We do not offer refunds or reships for orders marked as delivered. Customers can contact their carrier (i.e., USPS/ UPS, DHL, etc.) or local post for exact details on the delivery.


  • The package was delivered to the incorrect address.

    1. If the package has arrived at a location different from the recipient address in the order, we will credit the base cost back to your credit card. Or, if the customer prefers, we will replace the item.
    2. If the package is returned to the sender because an invalid address was provided, we are not liable for offering replacements, refunds, or credits.
    3. If the package was returned to its sender but the address was valid and correct, we will be happy to replace and reship the order that was returned to its sender.